Why and How Your Should Clean Your Condenser Coils

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

Why and How Your Should Clean Your Condenser Coils

Why and How Your Should Clean Your Condenser Coils

18 July 2017
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Your air conditioning system might not be as efficient as it could be. Even if there is not anything technically wrong with your system, there are certain parts that could become less efficient over time if they are not maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Luckily, there are a few easy jobs you can do yourself to help increase the efficiency of your AC. Perhaps the most common and effective is cleaning the condenser coils. This article explains why and how you should clean your condenser coils.

Why Coils Are Vital to Your System

Cleaning your condenser coils is important because they are central to the operation of your AC system. The actual coils are attached to the condenser unit outside of your house. This unit, which you might refer to as the air conditioner, has a few vital tasks. Condensing outside air to cool it down and aid in the flow of refrigerant through your system is just one of the condenser's task. The coils also need to draw air away from your fan to prevent it from overheating. Basically, both of these operations can be seriously hindered by just a small amount of dirt. So, cleaning your coils on a regular basis is very important if you don't want your utility bills to spike.

How to Easily Clean the Coils

Luckily, cleaning the coils is very simple and shouldn't cost you any money. You can find condenser straightening combs, but these usually aren't necessary for residential size units. For a simple but effective DIY clean, your best bet is to just spray down your coils with a hose. This should knock most of the dirt loose and prevent it from clogging the coils. If the dirt is not coming off easily with just the hose, you might need to spray the coils with some all-purpose surface cleaner. This will help break down the dirt and make it easier to wash it away with the hose.

You can now run your system and you will probably start to notice cooler air coming into your home. Even if you weren't having problems with the air conditioner before, this simple job is still worthwhile because it will most likely reduce the amount of energy that your condenser uses. You will enjoy the benefits when you get your next utility bills and have reduce electricity charges. Cleaning your coils on a regular basis will also lengthen the life of the unit.

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