Four Air Conditioning Repairs Worth Paying For

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

Four Air Conditioning Repairs Worth Paying For

Four Air Conditioning Repairs Worth Paying For

28 July 2017
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When it comes to dealing with air conditioning repairs, many homeowners begin to wonder whether or not it's time to replace the air conditioner instead of following through with the repairs that they need. However, before jumping into the decision to replace the AC, you should consider what repairs are worth paying for because of their potential to improve the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Here are four AC repairs that are probably worth paying for:

  1. Replacing the Thermostat: In some cases, the problem with your air conditioning is stemming from the thermostat. In these cases, you can simply replace the thermostat, which is relatively affordable to do and your AC should be back up and running as normal. You can tell you might have a problem with the thermostat when the AC unit is not turning off. This generally means that the thermostat either needs replacing or you need to have a professional rewire it, in which case it's even cheaper. 
  2. Replacing the Capacitor: Another common problem is that the capacitor is not has gone bad. You will notice that this is probably a problem when the the compressor is making a buzzing noise. You want to call in the professionals right away to test it, otherwise, your compressor can overheat because it means that the fans are not circulating the air. 
  3. Fixing a Leak: If you notice that there is water leaking from your AC, this is another easy fix that is relatively affordable. Generally, the problem is that there is either a leak in the plastic tube that carries the water to cool the air, there is something blocking the water, or the pump needs replacing. Have your AC unit inspected for these possibly problems to have them fixed right away. 
  4. Replacing the Coolant: Another common problem is when you notice that the AC is not turning on, it's usually an indication that you need to replace the coolant, which is a liquid that you can even replace yourself. Although, it's best to have the professionals do this to guarantee that this is what was needed. However, before coming to this conclusion, you want to be sure that you have the thermostat set to on. Sometimes, the mistake is that the thermostat is not actually set when the homeowner believed that it was. 

When you know what four repairs are worth paying for, when they are mentioned by your air conditioning contractor, you can definitely be sure that it's something worth moving forward with. Contact a service company, like Magnolia Plumbing, for more help.

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