Your Flooring And Radiant Heating: 3 Flooring Materials To Install Over In-Floor Heating

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Your Flooring And Radiant Heating: 3 Flooring Materials To Install Over In-Floor Heating

Your Flooring And Radiant Heating: 3 Flooring Materials To Install Over In-Floor Heating

12 September 2017
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Radiant in-floor heating systems are a great way to make your home more energy efficient, but there is one thing you do not hear a lot about; the flooring that is installed over in-floor heating. Depending on the type of system you have installed, you have a choice between materials like tile, wood flooring, and lightweight concrete with a finish. Here are some of the different options for radiant floor heating flooring for your home:

1. Radiant Floor Heating and Engineered Floors Over

The engineered flooring that is used for many different wood floors is a great material for some radiant flooring systems. Talk with your HVAC contractor about using a subflooring that is designed for the installation of radiant flooring. These materials have grooves in them to allow flexible tubing to be installed inside them. The engineered flooring can be installed over the radiant tubes in the underlayment to provide your home with the heating it needs.

2. Copper Tubes and Tile Flooring for Your Radiant Heating

If you want to have a more elegant floor with custom features, you may want to use tile. Tile flooring is a common material to use with in-floor heating systems. The tiles allow the tubing of radiant flooring to be installed in the grout beneath the floor. These materials also have the greatest heat transfer, which allows them to be more efficient than many other flooring solutions that you may choose from. Tile is a material that is most commonly used with the more conventional copper tube systems and will last for years because the tubing is protected by the grout beneath the tile.

3. The Many Different Options If You Use Acid Stained Custom Concrete Floors

Another option for in-floor heating systems is a concrete floor with an acid stained finish. With concrete, you have several options, which include the use of conventional copper tubing, as well as flexible plastic tubing that is a good option for keep costs lower. If you choose a concrete finish, this works best for homes with concrete slab foundations, but lightweight concrete can also be used for other types of installations.

These are some of the different options for radiant heating flooring options for your home. If you want to have a new energy efficient heating system installed in your home, contact an HVAC contractor and talk with them about a system that will work best with the type of flooring you are planning to use.   

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