How To Rid Your HVAC System Of Odors

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

How To Rid Your HVAC System Of Odors

How To Rid Your HVAC System Of Odors

3 November 2017
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Does the air coming out of your vents smell a little stale or moldy? While everybody knows that the HVAC system is supposed to heat and cool your home, it should also filter the air and keep it smelling fresh. There are obviously a number of things that could cause stale, smelly air. This article looks at a few of the possible problems and the best way to solve them.

Changing the Filters

The air filters are key when it comes to fresh air. Depending on the size and style of your system, there are probably several air filters. Usually, if you have a two-story home, there will be at least one filter on each level of the house. These are register-mounted filters. That is, they are right behind the registers on the wall so they are very easy to change. There is probably also a filter inside or attached to the actual furnace.

All of these filters are meant to do the same thing. Not only do they ensure that clean air is coming into your house, they also make sure that clean air circulates throughout your HVAC system. If the air is dirty within the system, vital components like the pump, blower, and fan are going to get dirty and become less effective.

The system not only pumps hot or cold air into your rooms, it also draws out the stale air, circulating it and keeping it fresh. When the filters are not changed regularly, this airflow is slowed down. Also, allergens, molds, and dust can be smelly. If they are not being properly filtered, they will basically be floating around your rooms, adding to the odor. So, one of the first things you should do is check and replace all of your filters if you notice that your house is a little smelly.

Duct Cleaning

If this doesn't completely solve the problem, you will probably need to have your ducts professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning is the best way to sterilize your entire system and remove all of the dust and allergens that could be causing the odor. Not only will they clean the ducts, they will also clean the air registers. When you have clean ducts, it is also important to realize that your filters will last longer because they won't get dirty as quickly.

In the worst case scenario, there could be a dead rodent within your duct system. When this air is circulated, it will stink up your entire home. However, the problem is usually less severe, and the odors are often caused by stale dust sitting inside the ducts. For more information, check with a company like Ronnie Ritchie Service Co Inc.

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