A Guide To Clean Filters

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

A Guide To Clean Filters

A Guide To Clean Filters

1 May 2018
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One of the most important jobs of your HVAC system is to clean the air. Of course, most people associate their HVAC with cooling and heating the air, but they don't realize how important it is when it comes to filtering it. Generally, if your filtering system is cleaner and well maintained, your heating and cooling mechanisms are also going to perform better. So, good filter maintenance is going to result in cleaner air and a more efficient HVAC system. This article explains the best methods for cleaning the filtering system of a split air HVAC system for a single family home.

Finding the Air Filter

Many single-family homes will have several air filters. Most often, there is one air filter connected directly to the air handler, and another connected to the return vent register. The filter connected to the air handler is usually on the inside. Often, if the air handler is on top of a box or platform, you can be sure that the filter will be in between this platform and the bottom of the furnace. This platform usually houses the large duct that manages airflow into the furnace. Since this is where the air is entering the furnace, you know the filter has to be in there. This large filter is usually just sitting in place so that it can be removed very easily.

The lower side of the filter is going to usually be dirtier than the top side. You can replace this filter, if necessary, for less than $20. This filter is bound to be a rare or random size. That is, the size of this filter largely depends on the set up of your air handler. But, the filters that are attached to your register are probably universally sized, and you should be able to find replacements very easily.

It is easy to find the air return registers because they are usually larger, and they don't have control of all blades. That is, you cannot close the blades on the return registers. Inside the return register, you should be able to see the filter, once you remove the grate. Changing this filter is equally easy, you don't necessarily need to change them if they don't look dirty. Filters are usually white, so it is very easy to see dust build up.

The filters are an important part when it comes to maintaining clean and healthy airflow. There are no exact rules for how frequently you need to replace your filters. But, since they are so easy to check, you should at least look at them once a year. Often, if you use your HVAC year round, you might want to change them twice a year. Regardless, you can just check them and change them if necessary.

For more information, contact your local HVAC repair service.

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