Is It Possible To Have AC Off The Grid?

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Is It Possible To Have AC Off The Grid?

Is It Possible To Have AC Off The Grid?

17 July 2018
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For some, living off the grid is about being self-sustainable. For others, living off the grid is about breaking away from the norms of society. Whatever it is that has pushed your decision to leave things like provided electrical power, water supplies, and other typical home utilities behind, you are bound to feel your reasons are important and justified.

The only problem with having a home off the grid is this: there are some comforts you have to live without, and air conditioning is often assumed to be one of them. Here are a few things you need to know about getting home air conditioning in spite of living off the beaten path away from electricity. 

There are solar-powered AC options out there. 

Solar-powered air conditioners for the home are a relatively new thing, but they are out there for consumers who want cooling without reliance on electricity. These air conditioning units tend to be smaller and probably will not give you the same levels of coldness, but they can keep your space cooler than what it would be with nothing. These units most often have either an included solar panel to harvest energy, or they are built to tap into power supplies from an existing solar energy system. If you are looking for a cooling solution to use on occasion, these units can work out pretty well. 

Some people go for gas-powered AC units. 

Just about any home appliance that normally relies on electricity to function can also be found that utilizes some type of bottle gas instead. And home air conditioners are no exception. These home appliances usually run off of a propane supply, which is nice because propane can be something you use off the grid. Of course, a lot of propane delivery companies only deliver within certain mileage ranges, so filling your tank to power your home AC could be a little more costly than usual. 

Home AC is more possible off the grid with a smaller home. 

Because your options will be limited, whether you are looking at solar-powered AC units or those that rely on propane, you may be restricted to a smaller air conditioner size. For this reason, these AC units do tend to work better in smaller homes that have a more open floor plan. Or, they may be used to only cool the main part of the living space, such as the living room and kitchen, through the hotter parts of the day. 

For more information, contact your local AC repair service. 

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