When Is It the Right Time to Have an AC Replaced?

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

When Is It the Right Time to Have an AC Replaced?

When Is It the Right Time to Have an AC Replaced?

14 August 2018
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Do you think it might be time for you to get a replacement air conditioner? There are some good reasons to purchase a replacement. If your home does not feel cool or if you are spending a lot of money to keep your home cool, a replacement may be your best option.

It No Longer Feels Cold Inside the Home

If your air conditioning unit is no longer producing any cold air, you may need to have it replaced with a new one. Before assuming that you need a replacement, try to remove the filter and give it a thorough cleaning. A filter that is clogged and dirty is going to prevent your unit from being able to produce as much cold air. If you have already cleaned the filter and it is still not getting cold inside the home anymore, you likely need a replacement because your unit may now be wearing down and ready to break.

The Replacement Parts Are Going to Cost Too Much

If you have had your air conditioning unit inspected because it was not producing cold air or because it was making some strange noises that it did not always make, you may have found out that certain parts of the system are damaged and must be replaced to get the unit working again, such as the expansion valve, evaporator, or the compressor. If these parts and the cost of labor combined are going to cost you more than the cost of a replacement air conditioning system, it would simply make more sense to get a replacement for the entire unit than to put out more money replacing some of the different parts.

It Is Outdated and Not Energy-Efficient

You may have purchased the air conditioner more than a decade ago. While it might still work, there is a possibility that it does not work as well as updated systems and it is not energy-efficient, which means it is going to cost more to operate and keep your home cool. Even if it is not completely broken, it is always a good idea to replace an outdated air conditioning unit with an energy-efficient one that works well at producing cool air while helping you save money on cooling costs. While you are making an investment to get a replacement system, the investment is going to allow you to save hundreds of dollars over the years.

If your air conditioning unit is not producing enough cool air, needs costly replacement parts, or is outdated and not energy-efficient, a replacement may be a necessity. The right replacement will produce enough cool air and will help you save some cash. Talk to an HVAC contractor about an AC replacement.

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