Heat Pumps: Pros And Cons

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Heat Pumps: Pros And Cons

Heat Pumps: Pros And Cons

28 December 2018
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Many people seem to be in a rush to reduce their energy consumption in the US. Heating, as one of the hungriest consumers of energy in the home, is the natural target for many people. There are many solutions that have been proposed for those trying to lower their heating bills.

One of these solutions is to replace traditional heating solutions with heat pumps. However, just what benefits will homeowners see by switching to heat pumps, and what are the downsides of this technology?

Pro: Low Running Cost

Although heat pumps require some electricity, the amount they use is much less compared to regular heating systems. In the long run, these heating systems can save you thousands of dollars that you would have spent on the higher bills that come with conventional systems.

Con: High Initial Cost

Heat pumps have a higher initial cost compared to regular heating solutions. With some models costing more than $10,000, many homeowners will pause before they reach into their pockets for a heat pump. However, it is expected that the cost savings, in the long run, should pay for the heat pump.

Pro: Low Maintenance Needs

Compared to combustion systems, the maintenance needs of heat pumps are much lower. Although there are certain details that will have to be checked each year, much of this can be handled by the homeowner. The professional will only need to come by every 3 to 5 years.

Con: Requires Professional Installation

You can forget about installing your own heat pump unless this is your line of work. Heat pumps require professional heating and cooling contractors to install them. This is because studies must be carried out to see if your home is a suitable site for the heat pump and to establish the heating needs of your household. This is one of the reasons behind the high upfront costs.

Pro: Can be Used for Cooling, Too

Heat pumps are not just useful in the winter. In the summer, the pumps can also be reversed. This means that rather than bringing heat into the house, they'll be taking it away. This makes the heat pump useful throughout the year.

Con: Requires a Lot of Work to Your House and Garden

To install a heat pump, a lot of work will need to be done to your garden and house. For example, there will be a need to make penetrations in your building's cladding.

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