Installing A New Air Conditioner? Tips On Where To Place The Compressor

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Installing A New Air Conditioner? Tips On Where To Place The Compressor

Installing A New Air Conditioner? Tips On Where To Place The Compressor

31 March 2019
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If you are having a new air conditioner installed at your home, one thing you'll need to decide on is where the outdoor compressor will be installed. The physical location can be practically anywhere on your property, but that doesn't mean that it should go just anywhere. These tips will help you place the compressor in an ideal location.

High Elevation

An air conditioner compressor is designed to take on the various weather conditions that any outdoor equipment will be exposed to. However, you can make it easier for the compressor to survive the weather by keeping the unit elevated. If there is a part of your yard around your home that is higher than the rest of the land, it will make a good spot for the compressor. If it rains while the air conditioner is in use, you will know that the unit is not going to be submerged in water.

Flat Surface

Even if you find a place that is high and out of the way, it will help to make sure that the unit is on a flat and even surface. This can be done by installing a slab of concrete beneath where the air conditioner will go. It will prevent the ground from shifting beneath the air conditioner, which can mess with the operation.


Have a home with a flat roof? If so, know that you can place the air conditioner on the roof. The unit will be out of the way on the roof, and be plenty elevated to keep it away from the rain. It will help if you have easy access to the roof so that the unit can be serviced, but as long as it's easy to climb up to with a ladder, you should be fine.

Far Away

Some people do not like to hear the noise of an air conditioner as it is running. Disruptive noise may be due to not having any place where the air conditioner can be placed away from a window. Know that you can always place the air conditioner far away on your property since the refrigerant lines can extend to where the compressor is located. You can even place it behind a wall, garage, or shed so that you cannot see the unit.

For more tips on where your air conditioner compressor can go, speak to a local HVAC contractor about it prior to your installation date.

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