A Second-Floor Air Conditioning Unit Can Offer Many Benefits

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A Second-Floor Air Conditioning Unit Can Offer Many Benefits

A Second-Floor Air Conditioning Unit Can Offer Many Benefits

21 July 2019
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It's one thing for the lower level of a house to feel slightly cooler than the upper level. When the temperature difference is unbearable, your home might benefit from the installation of a second-floor air conditioning unit. While a second-floor unit can make your home more comfortable, there are several other benefits you can expect.

Mold Control

If your upstairs is often hot and humid, your home is at risk for mold growth. Particularly when it comes to structures like subflooring, extra moisture generated from poor temperature control can cause mold spores to form rather quickly, and eventually spread. If the problem is not controlled, the mold will spread throughout your home and cause significant damage. 

Furniture Protection

Poor temperature control typically means that you also have excess moisture in the air. Too much moisture in the air can cause your wood furniture to warp or rot. With many pieces, once the wood is warped, the piece will be damaged beyond repair, which will lead to replacement cost. A second-floor unit balances the temperature while also controlling the humidity levels in the air to protect your furniture. 

Enhanced Air Quality

If the upstairs level of your home is not as cool as the downstairs, it's highly likely that your unit is not sized to accommodate the size of your home. Not only will your home not be as comfortable as you'd like, but your unit will not be able to efficiently regulate the air quality in your home if the unit is too small. Installing an additional unit upstairs allows you to double your home's air purifying efforts, as the upstairs unit will operate with a separate air filter. 

Greater Home Value

Your plan might be to sell your home in the future. If so, installing a unit now will help you increase the value of your home. A home with an upstairs that is hot isn't just less than appealing, but it also serves as an added cost, as any potential buyer will understand that they have to invest money in order to correct the issue should they purchase the house. If you have already corrected this problem by installing a unit, it's one less cost you pass on to the buyer, which can make the property more valuable. 

A second-floor air conditioning unit can help you protect your home, while also keeping you comfortable.

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