HVAC Care And Maintenance Tips Every First-Time Homeowner Can Use

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

HVAC Care And Maintenance Tips Every First-Time Homeowner Can Use

HVAC Care And Maintenance Tips Every First-Time Homeowner Can Use

16 March 2020
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When walking away from the closing table with keys in hand, most first-time homebuyers feel a mix of pride and excitement about their new status as homeowners. Many, however, may also feel a bit uneasy, as the responsibilities associated with owning and maintaining a home begin to sink in. 

One of the responsibilities that worries many homeowners is the care and maintenance of the home's heating and air conditioning systems. This is especially true in reference to the furnace, because heat is required to keep people safe and warm during the winter across much of the United States. 

If you have just become a homeowner for the first time and are now feeling a heightened concern about maintaining the home's furnace, these tips can provide some helpful information. 

Start by learning 

The first step in developing any skill is to learn as much as possible about it. With a furnace, this means that homeowners will first need to learn about the particular make and model of furnace in their home. Hopefully, the previous owners of the home left an owner's manual, as well as any existing information about warranties, repair issues, and service records. 

If the previous owners did not leave information, it can often be found by doing a web search using the make and model number of the furnace. New homeowners can usually find the make and model number listed on their home inspection report or by removing the service panel on their system to locate the manufacturer's information label. 

Using the make and model number, homeowners should be able to search information online or in the owner's manual that will provide basic care tips, diagrams that show how the system is designed, and information about expected efficiency ratings. 

Change the filter often 

In addition to becoming familiar with the furnace, first time-homeowners will also want to stock up on the filters their furnace uses and immediately begin removing the soiled filter and replacing it with a new one on a frequent schedule. Taking this one action is one of the most important steps in reducing wear on the components and ensuring that the unit will continue to operate as efficiently as possible. 

Shadow a technician

Another way in which first-time homeowners can learn to maintain their furnaces is to schedule a maintenance visit with a reputable HVAC service and maintenance technician. During this first visit, it can be very helpful for homeowners to shadow the technician and ask any questions they may have about maintaining or using their furnace, as well as the remainder of their home's heating and cooling system.

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