HVAC Unit Getting Older? 3 Signs It Is Time To Replace It With A New One

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

HVAC Unit Getting Older? 3 Signs It Is Time To Replace It With A New One

HVAC Unit Getting Older? 3 Signs It Is Time To Replace It With A New One

23 April 2020
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If the HVAC unit for your home is getting older, you may notice it does not work as well as it did when you first had it installed. It can become expensive if you have to start making a lot of repairs to keep it running. If this is the case, it may be much better to have a new system installed by a contractor. Here are three signs that you need to spend some money to have a new system.

Electric Bill Much Higher

If your electrical bill is higher all of a sudden and you have not made changes in your home, it could be due to your HVAC unit. This is because a unit that is not performing correctly will have to run longer to keep the temperature of your home to what you have set on your thermostat.

If the HVAC unit runs longer, this will result in it having more problems as this puts a lot of work on your unit. Over time, parts will start to wear out and have to be replaced. Some of these parts can be expensive and take time to repair or replace.

Temperature In Your Home Not Correct

If the temperature inside your home is not what is showing on your thermostat this can be fixed by something as simple as changing the air filter. If the air filter is clogged up, air cannot get through it. This can also be caused by the evaporator or condenser coils being dirty.

Because your HVAC unit is old, the evaporator or condenser coils may not be working properly and will have to be replaced. This is something that would require you to hire a professional HVAC contractor to do for you.

Making Noises

If you notice your HVAC unit is making noises it did not before this is a sign something is wrong. This could be due to the system having loose parts, such as loose pipes, loose fan blades, or a loose blower motor fan. These problems are generally not expensive to repair.

If the sounds from your unit are really loud, then the HVAC unit may have loose wiring, which would result in new wiring being installed in many cases. The condenser fan motor may be burned out and will have to be replaced. In some cases, the entire condenser will also have to be replaced.  This is when it would be a good time to replace your unit.

Contact an HVAC contractor like Vigil Air to come to your home and they can give you information about installing a new HVAC system for your home.

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