2 Reasons Why You Should Not Install A Gas Furnace Yourself

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2 Reasons Why You Should Not Install A Gas Furnace Yourself

2 Reasons Why You Should Not Install A Gas Furnace Yourself

28 August 2020
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After your home's gas furnace quit, you are faced with having to replace it with a new one. You may also be thinking about attempting to install it yourself to save money and to have a feeling of accomplishment for completing the task. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should not even try to install the furnace on your own.

1.  You Could Be Breaking the Law

One major reason why you should not attempt a do-it-yourself gas furnace installation is that you could be breaking the law. Many areas have codes that require that you have both the expertise and a permit for undertaking such a job.

Since you will be working with gas lines during the installation, these lines run to the main pipelines that feed the area surrounding your home. While trying to hook up these lines up to the furnace, you could inadvertently move them so much that they disrupt the main lines, causing damage to these lines.

If something were to go wrong, you would not only face paying the repair bills for any main gas lines that you damaged, but you would be liable for any legal fees owed for breaking local building codes. It is better than you find a professional that has both the training, proper permits, and insurance to perform the installation.

2.  You Would Be Putting Yourself and Your Household at Risk

Even if you were to avoid any legal fees, another reason why you should not try to install your own furnace is that you would be putting yourself and your household at risk. Working with gas lines and a gas furnace is precise work, and if you make one small mistake, it could result in a gas leak inside of your home.

For example, while trying to attach the gas line to the heat exchanger in the furnace, you must make sure that the threads are perfectly lined up and that the connection is completely secure. One small miscalculation could expose your household to a poisonous gas leak that also poses a fire hazard.  

Trying to save money by installing your own gas furnace in your house could wind up costing you even more money in legal fees as well as put you and your family at risk if you make a mistake. Instead of attempting the job yourself, contact an HVAC contractor, or a company like Beyer Heating, who offers heating installation services to discuss your options for having the job professionally done.

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