The AC Maintenance Schedule You Should Keep to Prevent Summer Air Conditioning Failures

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

The AC Maintenance Schedule You Should Keep to Prevent Summer Air Conditioning Failures

The AC Maintenance Schedule You Should Keep to Prevent Summer Air Conditioning Failures

9 April 2021
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The summer months are going to be a time when you need to have your AC working. Therefore, maintenance is important and should begin in spring before you turn your system on. It is also important to have a good maintenance schedule throughout the summer months to prevent problems. The following AC maintenance information will ensure you don't have problems when you need your system the most:

Servicing Your HVAC System  

The first part of scheduled AC maintenance is to have your system serviced. This is something that should be done twice a year. Some of the things that will be done when you have your system serviced include:

  • Full spring maintenance and cleaning
  • Inspecting the system and minor repairs
  • Replacing the air filter and checking the blower
  • Checking the AC compressor and coils

The servicing of your AC is important before turning it on and when you turn it off in the fall to prepare for colder weather.

Cleaning and Inspecting the AC Condensing Unit

The condensing unit can be the cause of a lot of summer AC problems. Therefore, it is going to need some maintenance to ensure your AC is working properly. Some of the things that need to be done to the condensing unit include:

  • Removing grates to remove debris
  • Repairing the fins of the condensing coils
  • Cleaning all exposed condensing unit parts
  • Inspecting the condensing unit fan

The AC condensing unit's problems can be prevented by servicing your system and cleaning components in the spring. 

Regular Filter Changes and Inspections for Problems

The filter should also be changed regularly, which needs to be part of your summer maintenance schedule. The maintenance you may need to do while changing the air filter includes:

  • Inspecting ductwork
  • Testing the AC blower fan
  • Checking HVAC vents and dampers

The air filters are some of your AC system's most important components and need to be changed frequently.

An AC Tune-Up to Maximize Efficiency

Another part of maintenance is an AC tune-up. This is a full-service maintenance solution for your AC. Some of the things that will be done during an AC tune-up include:

  • Testing the compressor and refrigerant levels
  • Repairing minor AC problems  
  • Calibrating the HVAC thermostat with the AC

The tune-up of your AC helps improve efficiency and reduce problems that can cause failures during the summer months.

The problems with your AC can often be avoided with a good maintenance schedule. Contact an AC maintenance service, such as Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division, and ask about a contract to ensure these things are done to your system throughout the summer.

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