Six Things You Should Do To Get Your Heating System Ready At The End Of The Summer

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

Six Things You Should Do To Get Your Heating System Ready At The End Of The Summer

Six Things You Should Do To Get Your Heating System Ready At The End Of The Summer

12 August 2021
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At the end of the summer, you need to start thinking about the condition of your home heating system. Once the summer is over, temperatures will drop and you'll soon be relying on your heating system to keep your home interiors comfortable.

The following are six things you should do to get your heating system ready at the end of the summer. 

Remove residue or clutter from around electrical connections

It's important that electrical connections function properly so that your heater or furnace gets the power it needs to function properly. You should make sure that there isn't any residue or clutter accumulation around electrical connections that could compromise the power supply of your heating system. 

Check to see if there is any corrosion or damage to your furnace or heating equipment

Over time, corrosion can develop on components of your heater or furnace that can detract from the functioning of your heating system. Corrosion can eventually allow holes to develop in your heating system that decrease its efficiency. That's why it's so important to stop corrosion from spreading and to repair any corrosion damage promptly. 

Straighten up the area around your heater or furnace

You don't want to let clutter accumulate around your heating equipment or it could restrict airflow. Your heater needs access to enough air to function properly. It's a good idea to clean the area around your heating equipment before you start using it in the early fall. 

Replace or service any filters that have been in place since the previous winter

You need to make sure that you change or clean your furnace filter. The filter of your furnace ensures a fresh supply of air. If this filter becomes clogged with debris, your furnace or heating system won't function as efficiently as it should. 

Have your thermostat calibrated

It will be difficult to control the temperature of your home in the colder months of the year if your thermostat isn't properly calibrated. You should have your thermostat calibrated and inspected to make sure it is working properly. If your thermostat is malfunctioning, you need to have it replaced before you start relying on your heater for home comfort during the colder months. 

Schedule a general inspection with your HVAC technician

It's a good idea to have an inspection of your heating equipment performed on an annual basis. Having this inspection done at the end of the summer before the cold season is a good idea so that you know your heating equipment is in good condition before the cold weather arrives. 

Call a heating contractor in your area to schedule an appointment.

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