HVAC Services Homeowners May Need

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

HVAC Services Homeowners May Need

HVAC Services Homeowners May Need

27 October 2021
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The HVAC system for your home plays a central role in keeping the house at a comfortable temperature, but its ability to assist with moisture control can also protect the property from certain types of damage. In order to keep these systems running and to maximize their performance, there are some HVAC services that you may need.

Cleaning The AC's Coils

The air conditioning system will have a series of coils that help the unit exchange the heat that it is absorbing from the air as its cooled. If these coils develop a thick coating of dirt and dust, this can inhibit their ability to exchange the heat that has been absorbed. Eventually, this can result in the system struggling to provide cool air for your home. Having the coils cleaned at regular intervals can help to reduce the risk of this problem arising.

Unfortunately, many homeowners may go years without having their HVAC system serviced, which can lead to this problem developing. Ideally, your HVAC should be serviced at least every couple of years. In addition to improving the system's reliability, this may also improve its efficiency and performance.  

Duct Sealing

Over the years, the ducting for your HVAC system can start to encounter problems. In particular, gaps may form between the joints in the ducting, and this can lead to a substantial decrease in performance. Sealing the ducting can eliminate these problems, but it is a type of work that many homeowners will often overlook for their systems. To help you determine whether sealing the ducting would benefit your system, an HVAC service provider could perform an inspection of the ducting. In addition to potentially sealing the ducting, you can also have insulation wrapped around the ducting, which can reduce convective heating or cooling of the air moving through the ducting network.

Ventilation Upgrades

Good ventilation is important for regulating a home's temperature and moisture levels. Unfortunately, many homes may not have good ventilation in some areas of the house. For example, many bathrooms and basements will have poor ventilation, which can make it hard for the excess moisture to leave these spaces. An HVAC service provider will be able to install active ventilation systems that can help to more effectively move the air through these areas. This can have the benefit of making these rooms more comfortable, but it can also reduce the risks of mold, rot, or other types of water damage leading to expensive repairs in the future.

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