Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Drains Clear During The Winter

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Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Drains Clear During The Winter

Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Drains Clear During The Winter

21 January 2022
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When it comes to your house's pipes during the winter, the most frequent concern is that a pipe inside your house will freeze and then burst. But while that is of course something you should keep an eye on as a homeowner, you may also want to pay extra attention to any outdoor drains you have on your property during this time of year. These drains are typically good at helping you remove water from your driveway or another area of your property during the rainy season. But winter can bring its own problems and concerns. Here are some tips to keep in mind to keep your outdoor drains clear this coming winter as the snow and ice melts and begins to move towards the drains.

Make Sure the Outdoor Drains are Cleared or Cleaned at Least Once a Year

For best results, you should have a local expert give your outdoor drains a professional-grade cleaning at least once a year. Sometimes debris can get past your drain's grate and make it into the drain, eventually causing a blockage to develop. Getting the drains completely cleaned of all debris will make it easier for melted snow to drain properly and will also make it easier for you to deal with frozen water inside the drain.

Use Buckets of Hot Water to Melt a Block of Ice Inside Your Outdoor Drain

Speaking of that frozen water, it's possible that your outdoor drainage system could develop a block this winter not from debris but simply from a large block of ice forming inside the drain. If you notice melted snow is not draining properly, you might want to make sure that ice is not the culprit before you call for professional help. Get a bucket or pot of boiling water and then quickly dump it into the outside drain as quickly as possible. Repeat a few times if needed, but make sure you aren't running outside so fast that you slip and fall on any ice or snow. If after a few attempts, it's clear the water is still not draining, it might be a debris problem and you might need to contact a professional who can help you.

Install Better Grates That Can Keep More Debris From Getting Inside the Drain

If you are getting your drains professionally cleaned or inspected, ask the expert to also take a look at any grates you have on top of the drain. It's possible there might be a better grate that can be installed during your drain cleaning service that will do a better job of keeping debris out of the drain as water moves its way in. Do a better job of keeping debris out of the drain in the first place and it will be much less likely that you'll experience issues this winter or during any future winter.

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