Are You Dealing With AC Refrigerant Leaks? 4 Reasons This Could Be Happening

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

Are You Dealing With AC Refrigerant Leaks? 4 Reasons This Could Be Happening

Are You Dealing With AC Refrigerant Leaks? 4 Reasons This Could Be Happening

28 April 2022
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All AC components work together to cool your home. And while they are all important, the refrigerant is probably the most essential of them all. This chemical compound sucks up the hot air in your residence and disposes of it outside. It changes its form from fluid to gas and then back to liquid during operation. 

It is important to note that sometimes the refrigerant may start to leak, affecting your AC's overall effectiveness. You should call for home appliance repair services right away when this happens, as these leaks are dangerous to not only the environment but also to your health. It is also important to learn the causes behind a leaking AC so as to take the necessary preventative measures. Below are a few causes you'd want to learn about. 

When Your Air Conditioning Appliance Is Worn Out

A worn-out air conditioner is the number one contributor to a leaking refrigerant. This happens when the joints and connections grow weak and start to erode. Similarly, the rubber fitted around the valves and access fittings also wears out each year that passes, eventually causing the refrigerant to leak. 

When There Is a Leak in the Pinhole

Pinhole leaks are common in old AC appliances. However, the leaks can also occur when an acid called formic forms from the volatile organic compounds in the air. These compounds can be found in products such as glue and air fresheners. As the pinhole leaks continue, the AC's copper tubes erode as well, resulting in refrigerant leaks. The best approach to this problem is to contact AC repair experts so they can switch the copper tubing with an aluminum one.

When the AC Keeps Vibrating

Every air conditioning appliance has a compressor motor that helps circulate the refrigerant. But if the AC is exposed, it can make your appliance sound like a foghorn. Additionally, if there is a problem with refrigerant line installations, the holes on the coils can deteriorate at the slightest vibration of the AC. And as already established, leaking pinholes can also lead to a leaking refrigerant.

When There Is Physical Damage to the Appliance

An outdoor AC is vulnerable to all sorts of damage. When the children are playing outside, they can pierce or damage the refrigerant lines, causing them to start leaking. Apart from getting the leak fixed, it would help if you built a wall around your unit or installed it at an elevated position.

Whenever you suspect your AC appliance refrigerant is leaking, take immediate action by calling for AC appliance repair services. Never attempt to fix the problem as the situation is hazardous.

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