Common Air Conditioner Problems And Their Repairs

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

Common Air Conditioner Problems And Their Repairs

Common Air Conditioner Problems And Their Repairs

18 May 2022
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Air conditioners require occasional service, and you may notice that your AC unit has an issue that requires attention. Here are some common air conditioner problems that your unit might exhibit, along with the repairs that resolve these problems.

Reduced Air Flow When Running

If your air conditioner starts pushing less air out of the vents, the unit's air filter could be the problem. Air conditioners are equipped with air filters that remove contaminants, such as pet hair, dander, dust, and allergens. As these collect, the filter has to be cleaned or replaced. 

Whether your air filter should be cleaned or replaced depends on your unit's design, but either way, this is an air conditioner repair that you're able to do yourself:

  1. Use the owner manual to locate the air filter
  2. Remove the air filter
  3. Check whether it's dirty
  4. Replace with the same size or wash if dirty
  5. Put new or same air filter back in place

The entire process takes only a few minutes, plus whatever time you need to go purchase a new air filter. You can bring the old one with you to a local store, making it easy to find an identically-sized one.

Warm Air When Running

If your air conditioner blows warm air, it may be out of refrigerant. Air conditioner systems are designed to recycle refrigerants so that they don't have to be regularly refilled with coolant. If a leak develops in your air conditioner's tubing, however, refrigerant can leak out until there's an insufficient amount.

A refrigerant leak requires a professional air conditioner repair service. A technician will have the expertise needed to locate and plug the leak. They'll also be able to refill the refrigerant so that your air conditioner properly cools again.

Water Leaking From Below

If you notice water slowly leaking from below the air conditioner, the drain line might be plugged. Cooling air naturally creates condensation, which air conditioners remove via a drain line. Debris, a mouse nest, or other blockages can prevent the drain line from flowing properly.

When the drain line becomes plugged, the condensation created must flow out somehow. It'll usually find a way to drip down some part, and then pool below the unit. When enough collects, it flows out.

Finding and unclogging the drain line is relatively simple, but this is still an issue that should be attended to by an air conditioning repair service. A technician should check for any rust that the excess water might have caused.

For more information on AC repair, contact a company like Wright's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

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