Thermostat Battery: Its Importance, Signs It's Running Low, And How To Replace It

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

Thermostat Battery: Its Importance, Signs It's Running Low, And How To Replace It

Thermostat Battery: Its Importance, Signs It's Running Low, And How To Replace It

1 September 2022
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As a homeowner, you know some components in your home, including the AC unit, need frequent maintenance. A simple maintenance task you can undertake to enjoy a comfortable home is replacing the batteries in your AC unit. Here is everything you should know regarding thermostat batteries and a replacement guide.

The Role of Thermostat Batteries

Batteries keep the thermostat functional as they act as a source of power. So, they significantly influence the ability of the air conditioning unit to regulate temperature, show temperature readings, and retain custom temperature settings. They also serve as backup should power go off.

Once the battery runs low, the thermostat becomes ineffective, which means the house will be too cold or too hot. The thermostat also resets to default, the temperature preset by the manufacturer. Information like weather news, date, and time will not be available, and should the power go off, the thermostat will be nonfunctional. Therefore, you need to ensure you get batteries replaced when a replacement is due.

Changing the Battery

Does your thermostat have a battery? If you are sure it does, find out the type of batteries it uses and buy a replacement set. While batteries have an extended life and should last at least five years, some barely last a year. So, how often you need replacement will depend on your usage, the batteries you use, and other factors. Fortunately, there are clear signs which indicate you should consider a replacement. 

First, when the screen of your thermostat becomes unresponsive or doesn't display, you might need new batteries. Second, when the thermostat alerts you with a "low battery" warning, you will need new batteries.

On the air conditioner user's manual, most manufacturers add instructions on the type of battery, frequency of changing them, and a guide on how to change the batteries. The process is often simple and follows these steps:

  • Locate the thermostat in your air conditioning unit
  • Remove the thermostat's outer cover
  • Locate the batteries
  • Dislodge the batteries in the thermostat
  • Insert the new ones while matching the signs as labeled (positive and negative terminals)
  • Reattach the thermostat cover to the wall plate

While it may seem easy, changing batteries and other air conditioning replacement services are best offered by HVAC technicians. As experts, they are trained and understand how all components of an air conditioning unit function. Thus, they can meet your replacement needs best and offer advice on the best replacement parts.

For more information on air conditioners, contact an HVAC technician near you.

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