Advantages Of Natural Gas Furnaces Over Electric Furnaces

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Advantages Of Natural Gas Furnaces Over Electric Furnaces

Advantages Of Natural Gas Furnaces Over Electric Furnaces

10 October 2022
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A furnace is an appliance that warms the air and blows it through ducts that run through your home. In most cases, the furnace generates heat by burning a fuel such as natural gas. There are, however, electric furnaces that heat the air via an electric burner. These work well in areas where natural gas is not available, and also in homes with solar and other green energy-producing equipment. However, if you have a gas connection and can choose between an electric and gas furnace, you're often better off going with a natural gas model. Here's why.

Natural gas furnaces are less expensive.

Natural gas is a very common home fuel because it is relatively clean-burning, abundant, and safe. Because it is so popular, a lot of companies make natural gas furnaces. Their popularity helps keep prices down. Natural gas furnaces are also less expensive than electric furnaces because they are simpler to design. A natural gas burner is simpler and requires fewer parts than an electric burner. The difference in price is not huge; it's often a few hundred dollars. However, most homeowners find it's worth saving money and opting for natural gas over electric.

Natural gas furnaces are often less expensive to operate.

Electric and gas prices both vary by region. So, you will want to compare the cost of natural gas to the cost of electricity in your area. In most areas, though, natural gas is going to be cheaper than electricity. You might only save a few dollars per month with a natural gas furnace, but these savings will add up over the 10+ lifespan of the furnace. Imagine all of the other things you can do with that money.

It's easier to find someone to work on a natural gas furnace.

Since natural gas furnaces are so common, most HVAC companies work on them. It's harder to find an HVAC company that works on electric furnaces. If there is one in your area, you may be dependent on their schedule and prices since there aren't other companies you can call. With natural gas, you truly have your choice of HVAC companies and can call whoever is available if there's an emergency.

It's good to have options. In some areas, an electric furnace really is the best option. But if you do have a natural gas connection, you're usually better off with a natural gas furnace.

To learn more, contact a heating service in your area.

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