What Are The Differences Between Water Filtration And Softening Systems?

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What Are The Differences Between Water Filtration And Softening Systems?

What Are The Differences Between Water Filtration And Softening Systems?

4 April 2023
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If you want to change the quality and composition of the water in your home, then you can use a couple of treatment systems. For example, you can install filtration or softening systems.

How do these systems work and what are their differences? Which system do you need?

What Do Water Filtration Systems Do?

Water filtration systems purify the water in your home. You can use these systems to filter your entire water supply or to filter water coming out of a single faucet.

These systems remove unwanted substances from water. Depending on the type of filter you use, they can remove general organic contaminants such as dirt and sediment as well as substances such as chlorine, fluoride, iron, and sulfur.

Some people use filtration to create healthier water. They don't want to ingest contaminants or chemicals. They use a filter system to purify the water they drink.

Filtration systems can also improve the quality of water you use. They can remove unpleasant tastes and odors. The water you drink will be cleaner and will taste more natural.

What Do Water Softening Systems Do?

Water softening systems also treat water before you use it. These systems tend to be installed on a point-of-entry basis so that they can work on all the water that comes into your home rather than on a single faucet.

Water softeners are designed to manage problems with hard water. If you live in a hard water area, then you are likely to have problems with calcium and magnesium ions in your water supply.

For example, you might have scale build-ups in your plumbing system, faucets, and appliances. You might find that your skin and hair are dry—soaps don't foam as well in hard water.

A softening system removes some of the substances that make water hard. They reduce problems with scale and make water kinder on your body.

Which Treatment Should You Use?

If you worry about the taste, quality, and safety of the water in your home, then a filtration system is a good option. It will purify some or all of the water you drink.

If you have hard water problems, then a softening system will also help. It will reduce water-based problems in your home and on your body. However, there isn't much point in installing this system if your water is already soft.

Keep in mind, you can install both of these systems at the same time if you wish. They work independently.

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