Why An Air Conditioning System Stops Working

Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

Why An Air Conditioning System Stops Working

Why An Air Conditioning System Stops Working

29 June 2023
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Is the temperature inside your home almost as hot as the weather outside because the air conditioner is not working? Outside temperatures can reach over a hundred in some regions, which can cause discomfort and potential heat stroke. You should not only get your air conditioning system repaired for the comfort of your household, but also to avoid exposure to dangerous levels of heat. The problems with your air conditioning system might not be as severe as you may think they are. An air conditioning contractor can perform a fast assessment to repair the problems in a timely manner.

There is Too Much Ice in the Evaporator Coil

A part of your air conditioning system that can affect the temperature in your home is the evaporator coil. When the coil is working, cold air should be produced and keep your home cool. However, if the coil is frozen, the air conditioner will not produce cold air. A frozen coil can be due to no air flowing through, which could mean the blower fan is not functioning as it should. A contractor can thaw out the evaporator coil, repair the blower fan, and make other repairs to get your air conditioner back to producing cold air.

The Air Conditioner is Not Turned On

The main thing that an air conditioner needs to work is electricity, as it will not turn on without it. If you know that the system is on because you turned on the thermostat, it does not mean that it is actually on. For example, do you hear any sounds coming from the system? If not, although you turned the thermostat on, it might not be working and need to be replaced. If nothing is wrong with the thermostat, you might need to turn on a circuit breaker or just call an air conditioning contractor.

The System Life Expectancy Has Been Reached

Most appliances that run off of electricity are not designed to work for an entire lifetime. An air conditioning system is only expected to work for a specific amount of time, especially if it has rarely been cleaned or repaired. Unfortunately, your air conditioning might not be working because it is no longer capable of working due to being old. The only way that you will know if your system is too old to function is to ask a professional, especially if you are not aware of which year the system was installed.

To learn more about AC repairs, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.

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