Why Install Mini-Split Air Conditioner

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Why Install Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Why Install Mini-Split Air Conditioner

30 March 2021
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Need to add air conditioning in a space that doesn't have ductwork? Consider using a mini-split air conditioner to get the job done. Here are a few reasons why you'll want to use this method to provide the cooling you need.

Mini-Split Systems Are Cost-Effective

The main reason you'll likely want to install a mini-split air conditioner is that they are cost-effective. If you were to extend the existing ductwork in your home to reach that room, such as an addition or garage, it is going to get quite pricey to get the job done. Some homes may not even have the ability to run ductwork to the room you want to cool down, which brings up a whole other challenge you may not have thought of.

The installation for a mini-split system is going to be minimal. There is an outdoor compressor that will need to be installed, but only a few holes need to be made in your wall to get the mini-split indoor unit connected to that compressor. It's certainly a practical solution to your cooling problem. 

Mini-Split Systems Are Very Efficient

You may think that having a mini-split system installed is going to cause your cooling bills to skyrocket in the summertime, but that is not the case. Mini-split air conditioners are actually very energy efficient. They may be an addition to your existing HVAC system and use electricity, but they will not cause your bills to go up significantly. 

Mini-Split Systems Are Quiet

Think that you can get by with having a window air conditioner unit in the room? You are quickly going to discover how loud they are, which does not make them very practical to run. Thankfully, a mini-split system is going to be very quiet. Since the compressor is outside your home and not literally inches away from an open window, you won't hear the system when it is running. 

Mini-Split Systems Have Thermostats

A mini-split system can be installed in almost any place in the room, which includes ceiling and wall-mounted units. Controlling the unit is simply no matter how high up in the room it is placed since you can control it with a wall-mounted thermostat or a remote control. You won't have to physically turn on the unit by touching it, which means it can be located in a place that is convenient for you.

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