High-Velocity Air Conditioning Solutions To Make The Most Of Your HVAC Upgrades

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High-Velocity Air Conditioning Solutions To Make The Most Of Your HVAC Upgrades

High-Velocity Air Conditioning Solutions To Make The Most Of Your HVAC Upgrades

23 June 2021
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If the time has come to update the air conditioning in your home, options like high-velocity AC give you flexibility and an energy-efficient design. There are things to consider like the type of system, ductwork, and thermostat controls. The following high-velocity air conditioning solutions will help you make the most of these upgrades for your home:

High-Velocity Ductwork Installation

The biggest step in installing a high-velocity AC system is installing the ductwork, which is different from other types of systems. These ducts are compact and can be installed in existing voids in walls and ceilings. The difference is that these materials need to be designed with vents in areas where they don't blow directly on people. The biggest components of the compact ducts are the air handler and any plenums for larger systems. Smaller systems may only need a single air handler, but larger systems with a zoned design may need to have specially designed plenums installed. These plenums and air handlers can be installed in attics, foundation areas, or in a utility room.

Choosing the Right High-Velocity AC Unit

A high-velocity AC system can use several types of air conditioning solutions. The most common is a conventional condensing unit or AC that provides cooling like other air conditioners. In addition to conventional air conditioner units, there are also options like AC heat pump systems that can be installed for heating and cooling with high-velocity systems. Suppose you want a more energy-efficient solution for your heating and cooling. In that case, there are also options like geothermal heat pumps that can be adapted for high-velocity or compact duct HVAC system designs.

High-Velocity Thermostats and Zoned Designs

Another option for your high-velocity AC is zoned controls. These are HVAC systems that heat and cool areas of your home separately according to the needs or settings of individual thermostats. If you are doing this type of system with a high-velocity AC, it is going to require specially designed plenums with automated dampers to control the airflow. In addition to the zoned design for your high-velocity system, you may also want to consider programmable thermostats with smart controls that you can access from the convenience of your phone or other devices.

The options for high-velocity air conditioning will provide your home with a more efficient AC design. Contact an air conditioning service in your area to discuss installing a high-velocity system in your home.

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