Make sure to get annual maintenance on your HVAC systems to uphold your warranties.

Tips For Lowering Your AC Bill In The Summer

4 May 2015
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Are you tired of your electric bill skyrocketing during the summer? No one should have to suffer through the heat because they can't afford to keep their air conditioning on. With summer around the corner you need to start planning for how to lower your bill. Here are some great tips for lowering your summer air conditioning bill. Plant trees around your home Homes that don't have many trees get much hotter during the summer time.
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Easy Air Conditioning Hacks To Help You Stay Cool

16 March 2015
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Staying cool when it's hot as Hades outside can be a real challenge if your air conditioner is too small to service the space you're trying to keep cool or your machine broke and you're too poor at the moment to get it fixed. Here are a few easy air conditioning hacks that can help keep your home from turning into one giant oven. Problem: The Air Conditioner Doesn't Cool the Entire Area
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Is Upgrading To An Energy Star Compliant Air Conditioner Worth It?

12 March 2015
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Energy efficiency is often touted as an important aspect for any home appliance. It is certainly an important factor, but is it the most important factor of all? There are reasons to upgrade and reasons not to upgrade. The decision can be difficult to make. In order to make that decision with greater ease, consider several important factors. Is Your Air Conditioner Running Properly? One of the biggest considerations when it comes to deciding to upgrade your air conditioner is how well the current one runs.
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3 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A New Forced-Air Furnace

9 March 2015
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After suffering through the past few winter seasons without any form of central heating, you're finally making the decision to install a forced-air furnace in your home. However, since you don't have any experience with the furnace installation process, you're worried that you'll encounter several problems when your HVAC technician arrives to set up your furnace. Make sure your installation goes seamlessly by performing or arranging for these three tasks:
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Plumbing Services: Clearing Clogs With A Plumber’s Snake

29 August 2014
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Most homeowners spend an average reported cost of approximately $259 in hiring professional plumbers to deal with their plumbing sorrows. Most homeowners will find that issues with clogging will emerge at least once a year, and familiarizing with the type of equipment and tools that are used by a plumber can be quite interesting, and may help you save some money. Plumber's snakes or drain snakes are perhaps one of the most common tools of the trade, and are devices made from coiled metal wires with spaces in-between the ends.
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